Things You Want to Know

Every site tries to guess what you want to know before making direct contact with the provider. Here are some things I want to tell you before we speak – and if I’m forgetting something that you really needed to learn about first, I hope you’ll mention it to me.

How do I get pre-qualified?

Pre-qualified, pre-approved, planning for the future … I handle all of these the same way.  Call me cold, when you have a question, or have some things in mind when we speak:  Do you have a target for your monthly payment?  Do you know what price range you need to be happy?  Have you decided that you want to live in a particular part of town?

We’ll spend a few minutes so you can tell me the story about what you want to achieve, I’ll ask some clarifying questions to pick a loan program that might work, then I’ll spin some thoughts about how I can help.  If you like what you hear, we’ll talk about your income and monthly expenses.  When it seems like those pieces fit, we can pull the qualifying credit report in that first call.

Most of the time you’ll have a pretty good idea about qualifying in the first 20 minutes or so.  Then, just to be sure, I’ll run the info through our underwriting engine to get concrete findings.  You’ll either know that your loan is a ‘go’, or we’ll know how to get you there.

Can’t I get pre-qualified by clicking around?

Nope  🙂   I prefer to speak with you directly, to be sure we’re considering everything in creating your loan plan.  There are so many moving parts to financing that a web-based pre-approval is basically worthless.

Do you recommend any particular REALTOR® or Escrow company?

Local is better!  Generally, if you are in the market to buy a house, you want to choose your REALTOR® based on how well you communicate together.  You want a trusted partner to help you through the paperwork (and sometimes drama) of buying your home.  If you phone the sign in the yard, you’re talking to the seller’s agent.  I’d love to make a match with my local REALTOR® partners based on your personality and what you’re looking to do.

For escrow, it’s even more important to stay local (Kern County).  Once you leave our area, escrow fees can double or even triple.  Some of my past articles detail the difference in cost when we’ve been forced to us L.A. or Orange County companies.

What about For Sale by Owner (FSBO)?

Yep, I can help with that, as the buyer’s lender.  I do hold a California Bureau of Real Estate Salesperson license, but my profession is as a Mortgage Loan Originator. You’ll be missing out on the formal real estate contract forms, and the seller will need to participate by taking care of their own inspections and reports, but it can be done.

These are the things buyer and seller need to agree on, since I do not negotiate on your behalf:

  • Sales price
  • Amount of any earnest money deposit
  • Escrow closing date
  • Contingencies:  Home inspection? Appraisal? Loan approval?
  • Reports:  Pest? Septic? Roof?

You’ll take your list to one of our local escrow companies, and their Escrow Instructions will act as your contract.  If you’re doing this amongst family members, make sure we talk first, as that can affect your loan program.

What’s so special about working with Tammy?

When I relocated to Tehachapi in February 2000, no one helped me.  My Realtor was from out of the area, as were my lender and escrow company.  I was merely a transaction, and often could not easily reach my providers by phone.  Even though I had been in lending for 10 years at that time, it was a super frustrating experience.  I vowed to be of service to my clients in a new way, so now I share my knowledge and opinions even more than when I ran a full-service lending department at First Entertainment Credit Union.

To boot, I am your sole point of contact.  There is an army of folks I work with on your behalf, but all you need is my phone number.  My upfront planning is second to none, because in addition to my many years of experience, I invest heavily in continuing education and licensing.  Figures are always accurate, and I personally sign loan docs with all of my clients.  My Realtor partners love that I keep them in the loop, and my funder loves that I include everything we need with the final signed loan docs.  See my “Testimonials” page for direct quotes from those who work with me.